Our Board Technology & Warranty = Amazing Value


Our inflatable stand up paddle boards are manufactured with a military grade PVC and Korean Drop-Stitch technology and are offered in the following dimensions:

10.5 length x 32″ width x 6.0″ thickness (230 litres) Rider weight up to 250lbs

11.5 length x 32″ width x 6.0″ thickness (250 litres) Rider weight up to 300lbs.

We have intentionally selected various wood-grain and camouflage PVC materials that resist marking from rocks, docks and other bumps along the way.

Our carrying handle is very wide ensuring a stable and firm attachment through the deck pad to the board.

All of our iSUP’s come standard with a large, thick bungee chord on the deck/bow of each board to allow for carrying various belongings (such as a very important life jacket) while you enjoy your iSUP.

Our back-pack’s are well made with 850D stitch-count to ensure they stand up to wear and tear of carrying and handling the board.

Our telescoping paddles are manufactured using aluminium, a very light and durable metal that will stand up to the elements (non-corrosive) and have a clip mechanism that will not stick or jam.

Our BRAVO pump is a high quality and efficient Italian pump that will enable to to inflate your iSUP as quickly as possible.


A durable and stable, light weight board  that is ideal for tracking and manoeuvrability in the water. Our iSUPs are also fantastic for kids, dogs and make for a fun, all round fitness and water toy.


We warranty our boards from date of purchase for a full year from manufacturers defects.